Snow Patrol’s ‘A Hundred Million Suns’



After working on Bloc Party’s album. Avshalom is teeming up once more with producer Jacknife Lee, composing brass and choral arrangements for Snow Patrol’s new album, A Hundred Million Suns. With the Exmoor Singers of London and a great brass section put together by Hilary Skewes. Recording at Olympic Studios in Barnes sometime in late August. Album release date 28 October ’08.

One thought on “Snow Patrol’s ‘A Hundred Million Suns’

  1. Thanks for clearing all that up. I reebmmer the early days of getting a lot of pains from my top shoulder trying to move the boat with as much top arm drive as pull. Good to know that I am evolving in the right direction. Now that we’re on the topic of dropping the body, I’ve noticed that a lot of dragonboat crews used to drop their bodies down on the catch a lot but now I start seeing that less and less amongst the good teams. I personally let my body drop naturally a little bit (without throwing it down) after I set my rotation up just enough so that I get the blade buried. Then I initiate the sit up motion. I am not sure if that is the correct way to go about it so perhaps you can comment on this. Instead of dropping their bodies after setting up rotation, I also see a lot of crews just drop their arms/shoulders to get the catch. That seems to allow for a faster rate and smoother stroke but as they drop their arms and shoulders, dont they lose a good portion of their reach/positive angle by the time their paddles reach the water? I guess this might then lead into a discussion of paddle length and height of the recover/clearance the tip of the blade has above the water.Thanks for all the help. It is greatly appreciated. Keith

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