BBC Electric Proms 2009 – Great gig…



The gig at the Roundhouse on 22nd October with Doves and the London Bulgarian Choir was a great success and received very good reviews. Here’s some of what they wrote about Avshalom’s arrangements:

‘On Kingdom Of Rust …they added Ennio Morricone-esque gravitas or Catch the Sun where they were as uplifting as Polyphonic Spree, the Bulgarians made already fine songs even better, transforming the good to great, the earthbound to celestial.’ Evening Standard

‘The unique phrasing techniques used by the choir perfectly enhanced Doves soaring post Dance melodies, creating real moments of transcendental beauty on tracks like Kingdom of Rust and The Last Broadcast, and on final track There Goes the Fear pushed the band’s famous supersonic Samba wig out to a new zone.’ Julie Cullen, BBC Radio 6

‘…having Avshalom Caspi re-work some of the band’s tracks to incorporate the 40-strong London Bulgarian Choir. Third track ‘Firesuite’ was the first to receive this treatment, which served to emphasize the cinematic and epic nature of some of the Doves music.’ EMI


BBC E.Proms 09 – Doves & the London Bulgarian Choir!


Avshalom has teamed up with Doves and the London Bulgarian Choir, and is composing vocal arrangements for the choir to sing at Doves’ Electric Proms show at London’s Roundhouse on 22nd October 2009. The arranging work on this project is a challenge, the aim being to compose material for the choir which will remain true to the Bulgarian style of singing whilst still fitting within Western-style harmony and song writing structures. The combination is fantastic! Really enjoying this one…

‘Noitcelfer’ – commission for ensemble, electronics and voiceover


Avshalom has been commissioned to compose Noitcelfer (‘reflection’ backwards) a piece which explores the idea of reflection – whether it be physical or metaphorical – through the means of music, sound and image. Written for string quartet, piano, harp, voice-over and electronics with visuals by artist / designer Assa Ashuach. To be performed on 12th September 2009, 8.30pm at the NNLS Hall in London.